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Waukesha Toilet Plumbing RepairWaukesha Plumbers Fix Your Home's Plumbing System

We are the master plumbers Waukesha residents rely on for sewer and drain cleaning, emergency plumbing repair, and complete water system installation. S&K Pump and Plumbing is your go-to company for all plumbing services, large or small.

Whether your water pressure is dropping or your broken sink is spraying water everywhere, a call to S&K will make your plumbing problem simply dry up and disappear.

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service in Waukesha

When a burst pipe or broken toilet is flooding your home, you can’t afford to wait until morning. S&K Pump delivers rapid-response emergency plumbing repairs in Waukesha 24 hours a day. 

If you don’t solve the problem fast, the damage adds up even faster. Call a Waukesha plumber before leaking pipes or an overflowing toilet fills your walls and floors with water. S&K Pump and Plumbing will quickly diagnose and repair your home’s plumbing problem before water damage racks up your repair costs.

Our Waukesha Plumbers Fix Frozen Pipes all Winter

Whenever the temperature drops in Waukesha, plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing mobilize to repair frozen and burst pipes all over town. Water freezing in pipes expands significantly, tearing fractures down the length of pipes and splitting joints apart. 

If one or all of your faucets slow to a trickle or are blocked entirely, you probably have a frozen pipe. Keep running the faucet to try to restore the flow. If this doesn’t work, give us a call- S&K will have a plumber in Waukesha only minutes later.

Waukesha Plumbing Testimonials

Read positive comments from Waukesha plumbing customers who all say basically the same thing: S&K Pump and Plumbing got the job done right, they were pleasant and professional, and they cleaned up diligently.
See what our satisfied customers said, in their own handwriting.

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Whatever the problem, S&K Pump and Plumbing’s friendly, knowledgeable plumbing repair professionals will solve it fast. Our master plumbers are ready for anything your house’s plumbing system can throw at them.

Call us at 262-782-7190 or contact us for a Waukesha plumber at S&K Pump and get 24 hour emergency service and all other plumbing repairs.

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