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We’re excited to fulfill our promise, “When it comes to water, one call does it all”. We’d like to share comments from some of our satisfied Southeastern Wisconsin plumbing service customers. Please read through out customer-written testimonials below for a complete understanding of the quality work and service available from S&K Pump.

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Regarding Water Heater Failure and Warranty:

This is not a request for service but is meant as a heartfelt thank you to your wonderful and caring company. Our hot water heater failed on Saturday, 12/16/17. It was installed 6 years ago, and was on the ragged edge of being covered by the manufacturer. It could have gone either way but S&K fought for me and all I had to pay for was the installation fees. Bottom line is this; S&K saved me a couple of thousand bucks!! Being right before Christmas and having a disabled son with expensive reoccurring medical bills meant everything to us.

It was huge and a blessing. Not only that, they got my heater in that Monday morning, December 18th!! The technician was pleasant, knowledgeable and professional and we had dependable hot water again by 11am that morning. This is just a wonderful company and the several times I have needed their help they have been there for my family. Please put this into your testimonial section. I want others to know that when they need a plumber S&K is the place to go. God bless and Merry Christmas!!

Customers Rick Haynes

Regarding an Underground Lateral Replacement in Pewaukee:

Kudos to Dan and Nick for the exceptional job they did for us last week!  Their skill, work ethic, professionalism and politeness were very impressive!  We would never consider calling any other company for future plumbing needs (and would hope that Dan and Nick are the pros sent out)!

Many thanks!

Customers Matt R and Celeste D

Regarding Water Softener service in Greenfield:

Kyle came to my home in Greenfield this morning to service our water softener and water filtration system, and I just wanted to share that it was a very positive experience.  Kyle was friendly, knowledgeable (& even took the time to expalin things to me), efficient and professional.  He is a great asset to your team!

Thank you,

Tracy M

Regarding a Hose bib in Brookfield:

Brian and Tom,

Thank you for having Matt come out to our home today.  Matt installed a new hose bib so (my son) and I can now water our garden areas without having to go into the creepy and dreaded bushes to turn the hose bib on/off.  What a relief.  For years I've been intimidated by those bushes, insects, spiders, the abyss, etc.  Now we have a clean and open area to get to the bib.

Matt is coming out next week to replace the bibs, probably original to the house, on the west and north sides.  I'm looking forward to being able to turn the water on without the burst of water leaking out of the hose bib.

Thanks again

Lynn W.

Regarding a Plumbing Remodeling in Mequon:


I just received your final invoice for our bathroom remodel and grill installation and sent a check along for full payment.  I just wanted to let you and Vince know how pleased I was with your communication through the project and the plumbing services performed.
Have a great summer,

Greg W, Mequon

Regarding a Hague Water Max Water Softener in Brookfield:


I love my new Hague Water Max 63BEQ which Matt installed 3 months ago.  The water is great, it tastes great, is soft and does not have a funny taste to it when stored in the refrigerator as it used to.  The Hague Water Softener has only used about 9" of salt in 3 months.  My old softener used about 4 times that amount of salt.  The performance and savings are great!

Mr. Olson

Regarding S&K's Water Treatment Equipment in Elm Grove:


We are buying a new home in Elm Grove which has an existing Iron Curtain iron filter in it. We would like it replaced with an automatic well chlorinator and Crystal Clear Combined Mixed Bed Filter. We have that system in our current home and love it. "The best thing we ever did" was replace the Iron Curtain in our current home. There is no comparison in the quality of the water! We recommend your system to everyone who owns a well.

Mary E

Regarding an ISE Garbage Disposal purchased from S&K:

Hi Brian,

When I picked the garbage disposal up I was surprised at how heavy and large it seemed.

When I unpacked it it was way bigger, I assumed it was insulation. We had a one third. That thing is awesome. A way better one than the builder put in. It is quieter and just better built it seems. It was never that quiet at least not that I can recall. Only problem is I keep wanting to stick my hand in it to see if it is running because I can’t hear it.

Thank you,

‘Three Fingers’ Steven

For garbage disposal sales and service in Dousman and Southeastern, WI contact the experienced plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing in Waukesha at 262-782-7190

Regarding S&K's Plumbing Service in Hartford, WI:

Great Job!

Brett Mitchell came to our home yesterday afternoon to fix a leaky faucet. When he was here we asked him about another problem we were having in our shower/ tub faucet with the hot and cold mix. He checked it out as he had time to look at it and he fixed that too. We have had a problem with that faucet since we moved in and have had local plumbers in but it always was the same. After Brett worked on it, we can finally take a hot shower!

Also we can turn the faucet on with one hand. Before it took two. We always thought we just picked out the wrong faucet. So KUDOS to Brett! After 12 years in our new home the problem is solved.


Pete and Sherry Sherfinski
Hartford, WI

For leaky faucet repairs in Hartford and Southeastern, WI contact the professional plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing at 262-782-7190

Regarding S&K's New Construction, Water Treatment and Noritz Tankless Water Heater Service in Pewaukee, WI:

Hi Kurt...

I noticed the other day that the sewer stand-off's in our yard on Sunder Creek Drive were cut down after our conversation. I really appreciate you taking care of it in such a timely manner. It makes the yard look much better and alot easier to mow!!

BTW: We really like the Noritz hot water system, the RO system and the water softener system you guys put into our new home!! The builder was a little hesitant when we told them we want you guys to put in these systems. As usual with S&K, the project was installed perfectly and on-time with the build schedule. The performance is at par with the expectations provided to us by your team there. This is why we continue to come to S&K for all our needs and continue to recommend you to our friends and colleagues.

If you ever need to provide a reference contact for these systems or for S&K in general, please feel free to use our names and have them call me. I'll send you a more formal letter that (you) can keep available to show potential customers. We are so thrilled by the level of service and performance from you and the team at S&K, and the products you provide.

Thanks again,

Reece Robinson
Pewaukee, WI

For professional water treatment system installations in Pewaukee, WI, contact the professional water treatment experts at S&K Pump and Plumbing at 262-782-7190

Regarding Noritz tankless water heater installation in Germantown, WI:


Just a quick note to let you know that the installation of our new Noritz tankless went flawlessly. Your guy did a nice job, kept things clean, and knew what he was doing.
The tankless is working great, am really glad we made the switch, and feel free to use us a reference if you ever see the need to do so.


Greig Moravec
Germantown, WI

For tankless water heater installations in Germantown, WI, contact the water treatment specialists at S&K Pump and Plumbing at 262-782-7190

Regarding the S & K Well Pump Installation in Milwaukee:

Dear Mr. Gary Kuhn,

You and your team did an outstanding job on the drilling of a new well and pump installation at our home!
I appreciate your fast response to me considering the (difficult) circumstances I have been in (...). It was a tremendous weight off our shoulders to have control of our own water supply in a short amount of time.
We have told all our friends and family about S&K Pump and the great service we received. Everyone was professional and quite patient with my little boys who had to check in on them every so often.

Thanks so much for your quick action in resolving our water situation!

Best regards,

Jan, Jon, Zachary & Emory Zuehlke

For Milwaukee well pump installations in Southeastern Wisconsin, contact the S&K Pump and Plumbing specialists at 262-782-7190

Regarding S&K's Well Pump Service in Elm Grove, WI:

Thanks Gary - for your consideration and a job "well" done.

Best Wishes

Lorayne Gehringer
Elm Grove, WI

Regarding S&K's Water Treatment Installation and Repair in Milwaukee, WI:



Thanks for the great work on our water softener and piping! That is the neatest and cleanest work I've seen in a long time. I enjoyed a nice hot shower this morning. However, I wasn't quite sure what to do with the water portions reminiscient of a science fiction thriller. Our toilets also flush with more 'vigor' (something that was real morning bummer for me)...

Thanks again,

Paul E.

For water treatment installations and repairs in Milwaukee, contact our water treatment specialists at S&K Pump and Plumbing at 262-782-7190

Regarding the S & K Milwaukee Plumbing Service and Well Pump Installation in Pewaukee, WI:

Dear Mr. King:

This is a note expressing my personal gratitude to you for your kindness and prompt attention to our water heater problem on Christmas morning. You called the next morning just as you promised and sent your employees to our home IMMEDIATELY with the new, correct water heater.

Then, to add to my amazement and delight, Dan and Richard contemplated the correct (perfect!) way to remove the old water heater . . . they took it out the exposed lower level door and literally trudged it up our front yard hill IN THE SNOW to their truck!!
What WONDERFUL SERVICE in this day and age!! Thank you so much!


Charlene Muren

For plumbing service and well pump installation and repairs in Milwaukee, contact our expert plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing 262-782-7190

Regarding S&K Plumbing Service in Waukesha, WI:

Dear Brian:

Thanks for your "walk thru" of my pressure problems at my new home. I appreciate your help in problem solving my issue and asking the correct questions to narrow the problem down to my filter element in my cartridge filter. It's gone and the pressure is back, taking a shower is no longer a 1 hour project as the water slowly trickles out the shower head.

Customer service is missing in a lot of businesses and your help was far and above normal customer service.


Jim Libbey

For Waukesha plumbing services from plumbing repairs to plumbing installations contact the Waukesha plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing today 262-782-7190

Regarding the S&K Plumbing Service in New Berlin, WI:

Dear Mr. Gary Kuhn,

I wanted to take time to thank S & K for the outstanding service given by your company.

In particular, please pass along a sincere thank you to Tom King. Tom was always helpful, patient, and gracious in answering all my questions. He even went out of his way to call me this past Saturday morning to stay within a real estate contract issue. It's much appreciated, and demonstrates what great service is all about.

For the twenty plus years I've sold real estate, I've always referred S&K. Tom's helpful approach secures future referrals.


John Sedler, Manager, home sale realty

Regarding the S & K Bathroom Remodeling in Milwaukee, WI:

It is a pleasure to remit our final payment for our master bath remodel that your firm provided us.

From our first meeting with designer JoAnn to the last detail that Ernie handled, we were very impressed with the care and proficiency that each team member brought to their work. Carpenters Matt and Mark, plumber Dennis, tile installers Chad and Jenny, and indispensable Janet were a joy to work with and the results are a daily pleasure for us.

Your thorough design process and preliminary detail decision making enabled everything to proceed smoothly and with no surprises, not to mention staying right on budget. The few inevitable glitches that occurred were handled promptly and to our complete satisfaction.

We will not hesitate to recommend your firm to others.


Ken and Mandy Ploch

Regarding the S & K New Construction Plumbing Service in Milwaukee, WI:

I wanted to pass along to you that our work with Beth has been so pleasurable and productive. Of all the vendors we've worked with on our home (Paul Wagner, builder) Beth has stood out as so professional and personable, responsive and informed. She's really on top of her game.

For example, every time we made requests for info she quickly responded with an estimate of when she'd have the info. back to us. This was great as we were working on many things at once. Furthermore, she took time to get our goals in mind and then made suggestions for alternatives that we might want...some were upgrades, some were cost savings. This made us feel she was working with us to put together the best overall plumbing package, versus trying to upgrade us beyond our budget. It was just a super experience all the way around.

Assuming your installation crew is as skilled as Beth, I'm confident we'll have a terrific home come spring!

Thanks again,

Rachel Sciortino
Milwaukee, WI

For new construction plumbing services in Dousman and Southeastern, WI contact the experienced plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing at 262-782-7190

S&K Pump and Plumbing Repairs in Waukesha, WI:

Dear Jeff:

Thank you so much for taking care of our faucet problem. We have always enjoyed the level of service S & K delivers and again you have gone out of your way to make a customer happy. You can be sure that we will continue to work with you.
Good job! Good service! Greatly appreciated!


Dr. Gail Zander
Waukesha, WI

S&K Plumbing Installation and Repair in the Milwaukee Area

I want to express my appreciation to you and S & K for your efforts in helping us replace our bathroom sink and faucet. (I realize this project was a big pain!) In spite of all the size issues, pop-up issues and multiple trips to assess and fix the problem, I am pleased with the end result and impressed with your commitment to customer satisfaction. Thank you!

Mary B

S&K Plumbing Service in Germantown, WI:

I am writing to thank you most sincerely for the wonderful service we received again this year after the flood. It was great to be able to have pump shocked [chlorinated] and water heater replaced so fast. Your truck was a very welcome sight on Friday morning!

Thanks for all the hard work at this busy time.

Susan Holmes

S&K Pump and Plumbing Service in Madison, WI

We are in our new home for one year now. I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to you for your help in making our dream come to life. It was a pleasure working with you. We love our new home.

Jeff Schmidt

S&K Milwaukee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service

Your promptness and willingness to work with our schedule was very much appreciated. We are thrilled with our new kitchen and we were so thankful the project was done so professional. Thank you so much.

The Cahills

S&K Plumbing Service in Brookfield, WI

We want to thank all of you at S&K for your excellent service installing our water connection from the town of Brookfield. You were so helpful working with me… This project could not have been completed without your kind, thoughtful and reliable people. It’s people like you that makes this world a better place.


For plumbing service in Brookfield and Southeastern, WI contact the professional plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing at 262-782-7190

S&K Milwaukee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service

You cannot improve on perfection! We couldn’t be more pleased!

Mr. & Mrs. Pionteck

S&K Plumbing Service in Washington, WI

I just wanted to let you know that I am both grateful and pleased with your service! When I called last week and described my situation, you thought I had a serious problem. Even thougt you were very busy, you sent someone quickly, and my husband and I sure appreciated that. Tom, who came here last Thursday, felt that we didn’t have an underground leak, and we sure hope he is right! We are very grateful for his efforts while he was here and for his honesty. I decided to write so you would know our positive feelings.

Again, thank you!

Peggy Sickman

S&K Milwaukee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service

Everyone responded to my concerns as much as possible. And I really appreciate the character, hard work and respect of all involved.

Faith Gilhuber

S&K Milwaukee Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Service

It was so refreshing to have someone in your line of work return phone calls promptly! You were very professional to work with! Thank you!

Mr. & Mrs. Gelhaar

Crystal Clear Water Treatment Service in Elm Grove, WI

Now that the installation of 2 automatic chlorinators has been completed at the Elms, this is to formally express our overall satisfaction with the manner in which the project was carried out.
John Smits, Chris Crnkovich and the other men on the job performed with absolute courtesy during their contacts with our residents. Their professionalism was exemplified by punctuality and the determination to cause as little inconvenience as possible, yet finish the project within the promised time frame. This, without compromising the quality of their workmanship, is praiseworthy. Even the Building Inspector was impressed, and commented..."they really did a nice job"!

John Smits has been involved with our water system since 1994. He has proven to be an honest, knowledgeable and hardworking water treatment specialist. He earned the trust and confidence we placed in him, and in your company, to upgrade our system for improved water quality. He is a credit to S & K, and to the industry and community in which he works.


John D. Heider, President
The Elms Condominium Assoc.
Elm Grove, WI

For water treatment service in Elm Grove and Southeastern, WI contact the experienced plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing at 262-782-7190

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