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Get Cleaner, Purer Water with S&K Pump and Plumbing

S&K Pump and Plumbing is the plumbing service contractor dedicated to providing your home with the best drinking water treatment system protecting your family and maximizing water quality. Our water treatment experts offer numerous solutions to protect your family from contaminated drinking water in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Water Softeners and Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Whether you have Waukesha well water or Milwaukee city water, your home or business likely needs additional water treatment to get the best water possible. S&K specializes in the installation of customized water treatment and purification systems to provide the quality and amount of water you want for your family, employees and clients. Whatever your water treatment needs, S&K Pump & Plumbing can help.

Types of Water Treatment Available

Beginning with simple in-line filters, all the way to full spectrum UV water purification systems, S&K Pump & Plumbing has the water treatment solution for you. S&K’s water treatment professionals will achieve the following water purification results for your home or business:

  • Removal of dirt, rust, scale, sediment, silt and cysts.
  • Improvement of taste and odor caused by chlorine, organic matter or iron and conditions like fishy, swampy, musty, metallic or sulfur-like water.
  • Correction of other problems caused by heavy metals (arsenic, cadium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury), high dissolved solids, brackish water, VOC’s, MTBE, nitrates, radium and radon

Do you Need Water Treatment? Find Out with a Free Drinking Water Analysis by S&K!

S&K provides FREE water analysis and will put together the perfect water treatment system for your home. S&K Pump & Plumbing has seen nearly every type of well water and city water contamination problem in Southeastern Wisconsin, and we will work with you to design a water conditioning and filtration system to meet exact water usage needs.

To get a FREE drinking water analysis, contact S&K Pump & Plumbing today to ensure the drinking water coming out of your tap is safe and pure.

Water Treatment Products at S&K

Water Filtration & Purification Water Treatment Systems

The water you drink is an essential part of your health and life. Eliminating impurities in your drinking water with a point of use system will give you cleaner looking, tasting and smelling water while protecting your family’s health from contaminants, including fluoride, iron, radium, chlorine, ammonia, and microorganisms.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Crystal Clear™ Water Conditioning & Filtration

Waukesha Water Conditioning is Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear Logo

Water softeners are the best weapon against hard water in SE Wisconsin. The water softener and filtration experts at S&K Pump and Plumbing are your exclusive source for top quality Crystal Clear Water TM Conditioners, S&K’s own brand.

These top of the line water conditioning systems are entirely made in our Brookfield, WI shop and offer unrivaled versatility to meet a wide variety of water quality needs. Our knowledgeable plumbing experts understand every home requires a unique water quality solution and will install a custom Crystal Clear TM water conditioning system accordingly suited to your needs.

These versatile water softener and iron filter systems offer many features and options:

  • Single or multiple tank systems
  • Timer or demand metered
  • Delayed or immediate regeneration
  • In series or alternating
Contact the water conditioning and filtration experts at S&K Pump and Plumbing, or give us a call at 262-782-7190

Reverse Osmosis Water Purifying Systems

A reverse osmosis water purifying system from S&K Pump and Plumbing removes the fullest range of contaminants. Reverse osmosis removes molecules, ions and effluent materials by pressurizing water through a layered semipermeable membrane.The result is a bacteria and particle free drinking water. The plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing install only the highest quality reverse osmosis systems guaranteeing your family is safe from contaminated water supplies.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Hague Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

S&K Pump & Plumbing is a dealer and installer of high quality reverse osmosis drinking water systems from Hague Quality Water. Hague systems run at maximum water cleaning efficiency with no operating costs besides filter replacement. Hague systems fill holding tanks faster than other systems and operate efficiently and quietly thanks to Hague’s exclusive permeate pump technologies.

Water Chlorination Systems

Chlorination is a common method for eliminating odors, and disinfecting drinking water supplies. Residential chlorination systems most often use sodium hypochlorite (chlorine bleach) or calcium hypochlorite (bleach pellets) to oxidize iron and other metals and eliminate microorganisms. The expert plumbers at S&K install, repair and maintain high quality water chlorination systems in homes and businesses throughout Southeast Wisconsin.

FEATURED PRODUCT: Well PRO – Dry Pellet Chlorinator

The Autotrol Well PRO chlorinator is a compact, low-profile dry pellet chlorinator designed especially for residential well water needs. This chlorinator eliminates unpleasant and potentially costly water problems such as foul-smelling, corrosive hydrogen sulfide, sink-staining iron and manganese as well as slime-causing, pump-clogging iron bacteria. The result is a cleaner, more efficient water system, requiring less energy and maintenance.

For more information on WellPro Chlorinators and chlorine pellets, visit WellPro or if you have general questions about chlorinating contact us.

Watch the S&K water treatment systems video to learn more.

Cool Your Drinking Water

Want to enjoy chilled drinking water? Check out the Kool Tek Water Chiller which mounts conveniently in the cabinet below your drinking water faucet. View Kool Tek Water Chiller Unit for an image of the unit installed in the S&K Pump and Plumbing Showroom.

Contact the Waukesha-Area water treatment experts at S & K for cleaner and better tasting water.

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