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Common Plumbing Problems and When to Bring in the Professionals

DIY home plumbing repairs are becoming a common way homeowners save money. However, there are some occasions where a DIY fix could only exacerbate the underlying issue. Don’t take any chances which could lead to expensive and costly repairs – know when to call the professional Waukesha plumbers  at S&K Plumbing

No Hot Water:

Waukesha plumbing RepairIf you suddenly find yourself without hot water, the culprit is easy to pick out. However, unless your water heater is visibly leaking water, the reason for the malfunction can be difficult to diagnose. From a blown fuse to a faulty thermostat, to a bad heating element or igniter failure, there are a variety of causes. If incorrectly diagnosed, you may end up performing unnecessary repairs or making the problem worse. Don’t risk costly repairs and personal harm; if you lose hot water contact the experienced certified plumbers at S&K Pump and Plumbing right away.

Low Water Pressure:

Low water pressure is another plumbing issue which can be difficult to diagnose. Obstructions in the water lines, rusty pipes, even poor supply-line design can all be contributing factors to low water pressure. Call our team of experienced plumbers to accurately identify the cause of your low water pressure to get the problem resolved quickly and accurately.

Frozen Pipes:

After a bitterly cold winter, many homeowners find themselves with the problem of frozen pipes. You can try to thaw the pipe out yourself, however remember to close the main water valve. To thaw a pipe, a heat gun or a regular hair dryer are the safest ways to slowly heat up a pipe.

If you notice the pipe has burst or is cracked, call an experienced local plumber immediately. The S&K professional plumbers will quickly replace the broken pipe allowing water to properly flow through your home without causing any problems or headaches.

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