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Waukesha Water Softeners and Drinking Water Filtration Systems

You might be looking for softer water. You might be looking for more pure water. Whatever your water treatment needs, we’d like to help. Plus, we'll gladly ship all products, including chlorine, to any US or Canadian destination (now available to ship in smaller quantities without hazardous material fees)! To place an order or for more details, simply email John with your request by clicking here john@snkpump.com

Whether you have Waukesha well water, or Milwaukee city water, you likely have some kind of water treatment need to ensure the health of your family and to provide the quality and amount of water you need to maintain your lifestyle. S&K Pump & Plumbing is the one call you need to make for all your water needs. From iron filters and water softeners to reverse osmosis drinking water systems, S&K will analyze your water FREE and put together the perfect water treatment system for YOUR Southeastern Wisconsin home. For all residential and commercial buildings in the Waukesha, West Bend and Lake Country areas, S&K Pump & Plumbing is the best choice for your water softening and filtration needs.

Crystal Clear™ Water Conditioning & Filtration

Water Softeners & Filters

Calcium, magnesium, iron and other impurities can make water hard, which can clog plumbing and appliances, keep soaps and detergents from working as they should and reduce the lifetime of fabrics. Removing these impurities by filtering or softening the water can improve the quality of your water and your life.

With our exclusive Crystal Clear™ Water Conditioners, designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled with pride in Brookfield, WI, we don’t offer “good,“ “better,“ and “best,“ only variations in design for your specific water softening needs.

We also create Crystal Clear™ Water Conditioners for commercial, industrial and institutional use. From single to multiple tank systems, series to alternating, time clock to demand/metered, delayed to immediate regeneration, our water softener and iron filter systems offer extreme versatility. With this our clients have complete control due to the simple operation and quick disconnect design of all our equipment.

In addition to our own brand, S&K also features another "Made in the USA" water conditioning line from Hague Quality Water. To view the product brochures and learn more about the high quality Hague Water Max units, click here Hague Water Max


Contact the Waukesha water conditioning and filtration experts at S&K Pump and Plumbing at 262-782-7190

Waukesha Water Filtration & Purification Water Treatment System

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Click to view a recent news report about potentially harmful Milwaukee water and bottled water (2 parts):

The water you drink is an essential part of your health and life. Problems caused by Waukesha water contaminants can range from unpleasant to dangerous. Beginning with simple in-line or faucet-attached filters to full spectrum reverse osmosis water purification systems, S&K Pump & Plumbing of Brookfield WI can help with:

  • Removal or reduction of dirt, rust, scale, sediment, silt and cysts.
  • Improvement of taste and odor caused by chlorine, organic matter or iron and conditions like fishy, swampy, musty, metallic or sulfur-like water.
  • Correction of other problems caused by heavy metals (arsenic, cadium, chromium, copper, lead, mercury), high dissolved solids, brackish water, volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s), MTBE, nitrates, radium and radon

To view literature on Hague Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems, sold and installed by S & K Pump & Plumbing, Inc., click here Hague


Want to enjoy chilled drinking water? Check out the Kool Tek Water Chiller which mounts conveniently in the cabinet below your drinking water faucet. View Kool Tek Water Chiller Unit for an image of the unit installed in the S&K Pump and Plumbing Showroom.

Whatever the contaminant, we have water treatment systems to help with your particular needs, whether residential, commercial, industrial or institutional.

Well PRO – Dry Pellet Chlorinator

Well PRO – dry pellet chlorinator The Autotrol Well PRO chlorinator is a compact, low-profile dry pellet chlorinator designed especially for residential well water needs. It’s designed to eliminate unpleasant and potentially costly water problems such as foul-smelling, corrosive hydrogen sulfide, sink-staining iron and manganese as well as slime-causing, pump-clogging iron bacteria. The result is a cleaner, more efficient water system that requires less energy and maintenance while producing refreshing, odor-free water.

To get a FREE drinking water analysis, call S&K Pump & Plumbing in Waukesha today to ensure the drinking water coming out of YOUR tap is safe and pure. S&K Pump & Plumbing has seen nearly every type of well water and city water contamination problem in Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington counties, and we will design a water conditioning and filtration system to meet your water usage needs. From water softeners and iron filters to reverse osmosis drinking water filtration S&K Pump & Plumbing Waukesha is the best choice for all water conditioning and filtration in Southeastern Wisconsin.

For more information on WellPro Chlorinators and chlorine pellets, click here WellPro or if you have general questions about chlorinating click here CHLORINATION FAQ

Watch the S&K water treatment systems video to learn more.

Waukesha Water Treatment Technician
Contact the Waukesha water treatment specialists at S&K Pump and Plumbing today at 262-782-7190 for water softeners and other water filtration systems in Southeastern Wisconsin

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