Southeastern Wisconsin Plumbing and Drain Products

Having the right product for the right job can make all the difference. We’ve put together a collection of some of our favorites; you might want to use them too. Please contact us or pay us a visit if you’re interested in purchasing any of these products.

Flitz – polishing going beyond the surface

Flitz – polishing going beyond the surface
The Flitz family of products, including Flitz, FZ Liquid Polish, FZ Towelettes, and Flitz Spray Cleaner are the fast, easy, economical and convenient way to clean, polish, deoxidize and protect most metal as well as fiberglass and painted surfaces. One simple application will keep all surfaces looking their brilliant best for up to six months.

KRC-7 – cleans & restores

KRC-7 – cleans & restores
KRC-7 is a scientifically blended product formulated in a gel like consistency that clings to vertical surfaces for improved cleaning action and economy. Almost effortlessly removing soap scum, hard water stains, mineral deposits, rust, mildew, algae, and oxidation from a variety of surfaces including; real ceramic tile, grout, glass, fiberglass, chrome, aluminum, brass, copper, painted surfaces and other surfaces. Unique brightening agents and silanes not only reflect a new brightness to restored surfaces, but protect them with an invisible barrier; which repels contaminates and simplifies cleaning.

Bio-Clean – organic waste cleaner Bio-Clean – organic waste cleaner
Bio-Clean is a safe, non-poisonous blend of bacteria and enzymes that attack organic waste like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton & sewage. The bacteria are natural, not genetically-engineered. The enzyme concentration is the most powerful on the market. Bio-Clean creates no heat, no fumes, no boiling. And it does not attack live tissue or inorganic materials. Bio-Clean simply changes the waste particles into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash which run harmlessly out of your waste system, making Bio-Clean safe for people, plumbing and the environment.
Invisible Shield – cleans, seals, polishes and protects Invisible Shield – cleans, seals, polishes and protects
Invisible Shield is an ultra-thin, multi-functional polymer coating that makes all glass, porcelain, laminates, ceramics, polished metals, and plastics remarkably water, soil and stain repellant. It cleans, seals, polishes and protects hard-to-maintain surfaces to prevent the adhesion and build up of mineral deposits, dirt, grime, stains, soap scum, and mildew. A single application can last for months. Easy to apply and designed to be used over and over to clean and re-seal surfaces.
RootX – root control RootX – root control
RootX is a non-systemic, patented chemical root control formula. This means it only kills the roots it comes in contact with, not the tree or plant itself. RootX is the original, non-metam sodium foaming root control in an easy-to-apply powdered formulation. The active ingredient, Dichlobenil, will not only kill roots, but will also prevent their regrowth for up to one year. RootX is the #1 environmentally safe, easy-to-use, root killer on the market today.
Disposer Care – garbage disposer treatment Disposer Care – garbage disposer treatment
Disposer Care is designed and tested to clean and deodorize your garbage disposer. The blue foaming action scrubs away food, grease and odors, cleaning your entire garbage disposer and drain. Disposer Care is easy to use. Simply drop in the individual cleaning packet and let your disposer do the work. No mess and no cleanup. Regular use of Disposer Care will eliminate grunge and odor.
Hope's Perfect Glass Hope's Perfect Glass
100% STREAK FREE Hopes' Perfect Glass is a new 100% streak-free glass cleaner specifically developed for those who are frustrated with the haze and residue that ordinary household glass cleaners can leave behind. INNOVATIVE FORMULA! Thanks to it's unique no-residue formula, Hope's Perfect Glass cleans quickly and completely, leaving windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces looking perfect! SAFE AND PLEASANT! Hope's Perfect Glass is ammonia free, pleasantly scented, and nontoxic. It is gentle on hands, safe for food preparation surfaces and will not harm tinted windows.
Hope's Counter Top Polish Hope's Counter Top Polish
Now recommended by the major manufacturers of countertop materials! Gives countertops a deep, rich shine without the use of oils or waxes. Shields countertops from grease, grime and stains. Will never build up!
Hope's Silver Polish Hope's Silver Polish
Quickly and easily removes tough stains, water spots and soap scum, leaves a long lasting shine. No ammonia, No harsh abrasives, Non-flammable.
Skidew Mold/Mildew Stain Remover Skidew Mold/Mildew Stain Remover
A truly fantastic product for removing the black or grey stains of mold & mildew. Simply spray on surface — let dry — and its gone. Truly top shelf performance.
Blue Spruce Clinging Bowl Cleaner - E.P.A. Blue Spruce Clinging Bowl Cleaner - E.P.A.
Wintergreen thick blue 9% acid bowl & urinal cleaner with six inhibitors to protect skin & clothes while vanishing stains, rust, soil & organic deposits in toilets, urinals, sinks, etc. A truly best buy product. E.P.A. registered disinfectant.
Sunbath Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner & Deodorant Sunbath Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner & Deodorant
A proprietary product that immediately cleans and disinfects any inanimate surface and kills Herpes Simplex I & II and the HIV (aids) virus. Terrific fragrance lasts for hours. Thickened formula goes twice as far and clings to vertical surfaces. E.P.A. registered disinfectant.
Molecule Plus 70 Odor Neutralizer Molecule Plus 70 Odor Neutralizer
Molecule Plus 70 is a high density, space spray odor counteractant containing70% Molecule Plus. Eliminates all airborne odors such as cigarette smoke or other heavy odors in the air. Can be misted directly on fabrics such as drapes and bedspreads and surfaces not harmed by water. Highly effective in the war against cigarette smoke and tobacco odors. Molecule Plus 70 is biodegradable, non-toxic, and is completely safe to use.
Gel-Gloss – cleaner and polish Gel-Gloss – cleaner and polish
Gel-Gloss combines the most powerful cleaning agents with the most effective carnauba waxes to produce the highest surface luster possible. Gel-Gloss is excellent for: sinks, basins, counter tops, tubs, spas, RV's, boats, shower doors, stainless steel and porcelain. It’s also recommended by major marble, fiberglass and acrylic manufacturers.
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